If you enjoy the outdoors and interacting with nature, you’ve come to the right place. Wild Island Farms hosts the most unique programmes that are suited for the whole family.

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The tribe loves a visitor! Please message us in advanced to sign up for a family tour, or schedule a group tour.

Private tour *Social Distance Special*

- $10/person (45mins, 25 person max, $100 min)


Farmly tour - $10/person (1hr, sign up)

Class/Camp tour - $10/child (1hr, $100 min.)

Private tour - $10/person (1hr, $150 min.)


Celebrate special occasions at the farm (2 hrs)
- Petting farm tour (1hr)
- Table time (1hr hr front porch)
- 10 children (note: 10 parking spots available)

Parents are welcome to stay
- Decorations, cups, water, forks, plates, bowls
- Additional participant ($15)
- Additional .5hr of table time ($50)

Birthday Parties! 🐣 🎉 🎈.jpg
Luna Pig


A Farming & Gardening programme created for kids who just love to be outside! Campers get to soak up the sun, splash in the water and explore the island as they spend a week at the petting farm, farming and gardening.


Either at home or in the classroom, we offer a 5-week rental where you are able to closely follow the process incubating, hatching and raising chicks. Inlcudes:

- Mini incubator with instructions

- 7 Fertile Eggs with egg

- Brooder bin, heat lamp, waterer and feeder

The new batch of colored egg layers are


Afternoon Care ( High Schoolers )
Weekend Morning Assists ( Middle Schoolers )
Trail Walks with Goats and Donkey ( Adults )
Seasonal Cleaning 
Camp Assists