Looking to start or add to your backyard coop? Engage in natural therapy - a new hooby for you and/or family.

Our micro farm offers week old Heritage breed layer chicks


- Rhode Island Red hens $25

- Bielefelder hens $40


Heritage chickens differ from commercial hybrid layers in that they lay slightly fewer eggs annually (250 - 300 per year) vs commercial birds 300 - 350 per year)  however they have a much longer laying life (5-6) years vs their commercial counterparts (18 - 20 months).  Commercial laying hybrids were developed soley to convert as little feed as possible into as many eggs possible for economic efficency. Heritage breeds however have been breed for vigor and durability, and are best suited for backyard applications. Additionally keeping Heritage breed birds ensures the survival of certian breeds - some of which are becoming threatened due to poultry commercialization. 

Heritage breed Layer Chicks


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